Judge Realty

Boutique brokerage

Services: strategy, identity design, collateral
Work completed at Twin Forrest
Art direction: Matt Yow, designers: Matthew Smith and Sam Stratton

As Savannah’s only locally owned, full-service boutique brokerage, Judge Realty provides a broad spectrum of real estate services, specializing in marketing and managing residential and commercial real estate throughout the Savannah area. Judge Realty offers personal attention, unparalleled service, and intimate knowledge of Savannah’s historic neighborhoods and surrounding communities.

Video by Judge Realty

We developed an archetypal concept of Judge Realty as a matchmaker for people and their places. This is exercised through copy and brand positioning among competitors. Abstractly, the mark is derived from the same concept. Historic Savannah is known as the “Hostess City of the South”, with 22 town squares dedicated as parks, gardens, or memorials. We used these 22 squares as an abstract starting point to creating a mark with dots, representing people, places, and connectivity. The resulting mark is a monogram that is simple, memorable, and direct.

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