Developing the future

Services: strategy, identity design, collateral
Agency: Tiny Wins

McWhinney is a Colorado-based Real Estate Development firm with offices in Loveland and Denver, comprising a team of talented professionals who are passionate about creating great places and providing fabled experiences. Since 1991, McWhinney has planned and developed more than 6,000 acres of innovative and sustainable master-planned communities and more than 10 million square feet of vertical commercial and mixed-use properties throughout the Rocky Mountain region and the West Coast.

Using brand archetypes, McWhinney was identified as the Athlete, a subset of the traditional Hero. From their archetypal perspective, the brand’s position was built on excellence, innovation, and winning. For McWhinney, simplicity is power. The visual identity is restrained and elegant. The visual direction is established with a narrow color palette and a single font family (of two distinct styles).


When developing the symbol, it was important to create a mark that retained the history of the infinity symbol. McWhinney’s previous mark was designed to reflect a common purpose and a commitment to excellence, showing that improvement is continuous and anything is possible. The result is a simple and modern improvement.

The logo is the visual embodiment of McWhinney’s basic philosophy: that by working in unison, with a common purpose and a commitment to excellence, improvement is perpetual.

Foreday is a type system designed for editorial and brand recognition. It was designed by Pedro Leal and Dino dos Santos and published by DSType Foundry. Foreday was created with the ability to adjust between serif and sans designs seamlessly for straightforward typesetting. Foreday is a multipurpose type family suited McWhinney’s brand and marketing voice.

The final result is a refreshed visual identity that aligns with McWhinney’s brand ethos of excellence and further establishes their leadership in the marketplace.

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