Ally Gale, Project Lead/Product Manager
George Snelling, Product Manager
Very Cool Studio
, Developer
Counter Brand & Type, Design, Illustrations
Matt Yow, Art Direction, Design

Flyte is an open source large-scale data-management tool built by Lyft’s engineering team. Flyte’s primary use case is the building of machine-learning pipelines. The technology is actively used across Lyft, Lyft Level 5 (the self-driving division), and Spotify; with an ever-growing user base.

Flyte was launched at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) flagship conference, KubeCon, on November 18, 2019.

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Introducing Flyte: A Cloud Native Machine Learning and Data Processing Platform by Allyson Gale and Ketan Umare →

A quirky and unique identity is relaxed and honest, targeting its intended audience. Michael Forrest of Counter Brand & Type was key in collaborating creative direction. His influence is seen in the charismatic and whimsical illustrations that extend the visual system and highlight product features and benefits of Flyte. The identity was intended to suggest an associated with Lyft while standing independent.

Early and unused marks
Illustrations by Counter Brand & Type

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