The Movement Church

The Movement is a non-denominational church in the city of Oakland, for the city of Oakland. Their vision is to plant eight churches in eight schools middle and elementary schools by 2026. Elmhurst Preparatory School currently hosts The Movement’s initial church. The mission of The Movement is to overwhelm Oakland with love.

Previous logo

The “movement” is a visual cue. It is not a leading direction. The “movement” of the name is a rally. The visual identity is not static; there is life in the brand. But the mark does not immediately state movement, as in motion. All of this is intentional.

Early concept, number 1
Early concept, number 2

As a brand, the final output should be accessible and legible; clear and concise; memorable and easily identifiable.

Inspiration for the mark was directly derived from the City of Oakland logo. Using this mark as a foundation, and establishing an eight-line system, a new mark was drawn as the emblem of The Movement Church.

Being rooted in Oakland
When a photographer is not handy, just scan the shirt

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